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Summer Junk

Wed Jun 13, 2007, 12:27 AM

Lololololo I update

Summer has been a go for about 2 weeks or so. I barely got my school results and I passed fabulously. (Pretty average actually =P)

Ah College is right around the corner, well by about two years. Never too soon to prep up! For now actually I've been focusing on getting myself a jorb. Because as much as I do love to laze around, I'd rather laze around and earn money for it. Most of it will go to funding my Con savings mainly because I want to go by myself and room with my buddies. Saves muuuch more dinero!


Speaking of Cons, I got to go to A-kon 18. Which was pretty amazing, and well the experience was fun. I didn't splurge on anime junk because all they had was pretty generic so I got to save more! I also got to spend time with those special to me, but remain far from me at the moment. I also got some Mousse pocky! Ohhhh sooooo good.

Now on topic:
Being the summer, it's got it's benefits. A bunch of old friends are coming down from college. Along with one of my closer friends which is actually coming down from his navy base in Virginia. You know who you are, ya cocky sailor.

Nontheless it's also got it's disadvantages. Time hasn't become a loopy concept for me. Days go by slow, but in the end they sped away much too quickly. For now the daily routine involves phonecalls, internet, games, arting, and at the moment sitting here wasting away while my new kitten enjoys her new owner's lap. (Her name is Kira, BTW)

This isn't such a bad start actually. :3


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